Monday, September 24, 2007

Not good 'nuff

Rafa's under-firing superstars against a team they should in order to get all 3 points gave doubts to their title contending credentials. Are they good enough or they just need more work? In my opinion, in theory, Liverpool with Man United have the most exciting lineup this season with Torres, Ryan Babel, and the rest of the new arrivals, but strangely they have not been performing to get 3 points where it matters. The question everyone is asking why?

Aside from Rafa's frustration and vibes, i believe to a certain extent, squad rotation has to be blamed. While the core of the squad must be conditioned to each other, having squad rotation of their players especially midfielders and strikers could probably backfire. I believe with the creative width of the winger and the improving Pennant, i believe Liverpool could bag a trophy or two this season; As for the title, they need to pick up 3 points easily and not give away games like this one.

Monday, February 12, 2007

No more stan

Seeing how Liverpool conceded a goal to Newcastle, reminded me that the Reds will lose this game. While many would remind me that Liverpool have the meanest defence in the Premier League, did not dissuade me to give a thumbs down in their effort at Tyneside. It was a disaster of which we have no Stan Collymore to inspire us to another 4-3 rout of Newcastle, but to see how Rafa's men added another loss to their impressive away form to tally for the worst performing team playing away from home. I doubt Liverpool have much to achieve this season with probably 4th position to look out for; after all, it is another disappointing season; makes me wonder how long can Rafa stay as a manager for Liverpool

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Liverpool entered into the new era

Liverpool have entered into a new era - era of dollars and cent, where they have officially join the rich club status after the takeover of the club by Gillet and Hicks for £470 million.

The difference between Liverpool and Man United, there won't be any debt tied to the club. And the owners have promised a new stadium, rejecting any proposal for ground sharing, and most important, giving no ceiling to Rafa's budget in getting the players he want. This sounds good, but it remains to be seen if they are true to their promise.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Mascherano - West Ham and Argentina midfielder. Can he be the answer to a disappointing Liverpool season? I doubt it. The problem doesn't lie with the midfielder but most important the tactical mistakes of Rafa, our disappointing defenders, and our goalshy strikers. Liverpool need if they did get the money that was promised, to get quality strikers and defenders and perhaps a good keeper to keep Reina in check.

A surprise takeover by the American

The truth about the football clubs becoming the rich man's toy is sealed with a complete turnover from a possible takeover of Liverpool by DIC to the American sports enthusiasts Gillet. Rafa will be handled £150 million to spend, and will elevate Liverpool to the rich clubs list and clearing the debt of £70 million plus the new stadium took Liverpool to the next level. Many however, are concerned what this will mean for a football club such as Liverpool in future. Liverpool were a club for the fans, by the fans and with the fans since Shankly took over, it is built on a tradition of excellence because the club's proud association with the fans. Will this new money play compromise the club's relationship with its fans?

Friday, January 12, 2007

£128 million move for the Becks!

Beckham will move to America in the biggest transfer since these english started kicking the ball around for £128 million, and yes, that's about S$250 million, and yes, that's about a Quarter Billion dollar for a 31-year old over the hyped player who might be a good player once, but now he is more of an icon than a football player like Gerrard, Lampard, or even the Brazilian maestro Ronaldinho! While the world looks to Mourinho for the biggest coup and we missed out this piece of news, expecting Becks to return to England to play for Southend and end his career fashionably by being another Vinny Jones turned Hollywood actor or just be another Sean Connery representing England in the Fashion and Entertainment world together with his Posh. Come on, just say, I am here in America because they pay me so damn much, it is not about being able to play Football, and what... America? The heaven for retiring players besides Dubai.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Liverpool crashed out of two cup competitions in 5 days

Liverpool FC crashed out of two cup competitions in mere 4 days - Sat: FA Cup, Tue: Carling Cup, in an absolutely unimpressive fashion at Anfield.

While the fans and the club are still reeling over the defeat on Saturday, Rafa choose to play a formation that gave Arsenal the superiority in the midfield which leads to a riot scoring run by the brilliant Brazilian - Julio Baptista. Never has any single player in history except Michael Thomas that destroyed the Liverpool players and their confidence in our backyard. Not that i detest Arsenal, in fact, they are my second favourite team but the Reds at home with a horrible lineup from Rafa just spell trouble for this season with only Champions League to play. I do not have much confidence in Rafa's ability and in the players' commitment to excellence anymore, too much hope is pinned on this Rafa revolution but it is just a hype after all. Any good team must carry themselves forward with consistencies and at least some dignity not to drop 6 goals behind. Jerzey Dudek is again terrible, once again at least Rafa is right to drop this Polish keeper to the second choice at Anfield.