Friday, January 12, 2007

£128 million move for the Becks!

Beckham will move to America in the biggest transfer since these english started kicking the ball around for £128 million, and yes, that's about S$250 million, and yes, that's about a Quarter Billion dollar for a 31-year old over the hyped player who might be a good player once, but now he is more of an icon than a football player like Gerrard, Lampard, or even the Brazilian maestro Ronaldinho! While the world looks to Mourinho for the biggest coup and we missed out this piece of news, expecting Becks to return to England to play for Southend and end his career fashionably by being another Vinny Jones turned Hollywood actor or just be another Sean Connery representing England in the Fashion and Entertainment world together with his Posh. Come on, just say, I am here in America because they pay me so damn much, it is not about being able to play Football, and what... America? The heaven for retiring players besides Dubai.

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Anonymous said...

For the same amount of money I'll go anywhere even Iraq!! A quarter of a billion dollar! Man! Give me 0.001% of the amount and I will definitely quit this stupid job of mine right away.