Monday, February 05, 2007


Mascherano - West Ham and Argentina midfielder. Can he be the answer to a disappointing Liverpool season? I doubt it. The problem doesn't lie with the midfielder but most important the tactical mistakes of Rafa, our disappointing defenders, and our goalshy strikers. Liverpool need if they did get the money that was promised, to get quality strikers and defenders and perhaps a good keeper to keep Reina in check.

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me, are you watching the same Liverpool team that I am.

Lets not get carried away and let a draw at home to Everton dent our pride so much that we start making rash judgement about the team.

"the tactical mistakes of Rafa", have we not lost 1 of our last 13 or so? Did we not have the best record of any team last season from october till the end of the season and the only problem in the 2 seasons has been our first 2 or 3 months.

"Our dissapointing defenders" these are the same defenders that have not conceded at home since october, have only conceded 3 at home and have the best defensive record in the Premier League. Keeping in mind we had the 2nd best defensive records last season.

"our goalshy strikers" we have the 4th best goalscoring record in the league. Its not crap nor goalshy, just not prolific and on that point , i think we need a finisher, an owen or a fowler in his prime. Someone who creates goals from nothing.

I dont think there is much wrong with our team. Quite possibly our wingers should be squad players and we should be top class wingers to compete with them. We could do with a striker as I said and maybe a backup centre back and a couple of backup fullbacks (though rafa may have bought one this transfer window).