Monday, February 12, 2007

No more stan

Seeing how Liverpool conceded a goal to Newcastle, reminded me that the Reds will lose this game. While many would remind me that Liverpool have the meanest defence in the Premier League, did not dissuade me to give a thumbs down in their effort at Tyneside. It was a disaster of which we have no Stan Collymore to inspire us to another 4-3 rout of Newcastle, but to see how Rafa's men added another loss to their impressive away form to tally for the worst performing team playing away from home. I doubt Liverpool have much to achieve this season with probably 4th position to look out for; after all, it is another disappointing season; makes me wonder how long can Rafa stay as a manager for Liverpool


Conrad said...

We have the meanest defence and that's not by fluke either, for 2 seasons we've been in the top 2 defensive teams in the league.

We didnt even play particularly bad in this game. We created a few good chances in this game, just as we did in our last loss away at Blackburn and earlier in the season away to Chelsea.

In fact all season bar one or two games we've been excellent defensively and we've created heaps of chances.

Our biggest problem is finishing our chances. Had we put away one other chance to make it 2-0 Newcastle would have possibly given up and we would be celebrating another win.

Instead a poor choice by Reina to come out and clear it straight into Agger let Martins in. Not great defending but not poor, had it come off Agger at another angle it might have gone out for a throw in. Their other goal was a cheap penalty. We were hardly torn apart in this game.

As for away form, we're actually the 5th best away from home.

I think you'll see Rafa at Liverpool for a long long time and the titles will come. We can now compete financially with Man U so hopefully we will see good signings instead of stop gap signings.

Daniel Ho said...

In fact, i thought this has to be the worst game Liverpool played so far. The lack of aggressiveness in the game has always cost Liverpool in games like this. It is disappointing to see Liverpool losing a game where they should have won it to keep pace with the top two teams. They can come out with the excuse, and it doesn't matter because they have been given a chance to make the difference on the field but they didn't and that's disappointing. Liverpool are quite crap this season, forget about their defensive record, because at the end of the season, they will see who is the champion not who is the best in defence.